Cirilo Oropeza

Un sueño realizado

Cirilo Oropeza is the master distiller of Espolòn tequila. His decades-long experience and talent for the science of distillation are matched by a real passion for the art of tequila making.

Relying on his strict attention to every detail, and known for his unconventional methods, Cirilo could realize his lifetime dream.

His goal was simple: to create a tequila so good that he would be proud to share it with the world.

In 1995 he met a local entrepreneur who shared his ambition. This new partnership made possible the establishment of the Destiladora San Nicolas in 1998, and the creation of Espolòn tequila.

It was immediately hailed as a superior tequila made in the proud tradition of Mexico, but with modern techniques. The award-winning tequilas of Espolòn stand as a testament to Cirilo’s pioneering spirit, commitment to his art and promise to never give up on his dreams.
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